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Janet Condra: Unveiling the Untold Story of Larry Bird’s First Wife

Janet Condra

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Birth and Background

Janet Condra, a mysterious figure born in the mid-1960s in Indiana, USA, has kept her personal life guarded from the prying eyes of the public. Hailing from Springs Valley High School, little is known about her family or siblings. Her journey into the limelight began through her connection with Larry Bird, the legendary basketball icon.

Janet Condra and Larry Bird’s Relationship

The love story of Janet Condra and Larry Bird is woven with the threads of a childhood connection. Meeting at Springs Valley High School, their love blossomed, leading to a marriage in 1975. However, the fairy tale took an unexpected turn as the couple separated less than a year later. Attempts at reconciliation proved futile.

The union did bring forth a precious gift, their daughter Corrie, born in August 1977. Unfortunately, the couple’s differences led to a permanent separation, leaving Janet to embrace the role of a single parent.

Larry Bird found love once again after a 13-year hiatus from Janet. In 1989, he married Dinah Mattingly, forming a union that stands strong to this day. Their story is a testament to love enduring despite the challenges.

Janet Condra’s Life After Divorce

Post the separation from Larry Bird, Janet Condra chose a path of quietude. While information about her professional life is scarce, it is known that she took on multiple jobs to support her family. The details of any potential career change post-divorce remain a mystery.

Larry Joe Bird: An Unforgettable Journey

Larry Joe Bird, born on December 7, 1956, in West Baden Springs, Indiana, is an iconic figure in basketball history. Beyond his player legacy, Bird transitioned seamlessly into coaching and executive roles within the NBA. Even after retiring in 1992 due to a back injury, Bird continued to leave an indelible mark on the sport.

Embarking on a new chapter as an executive, Bird joined the Boston Celtics’ front office. His five-year tenure with the Indiana Pacers culminated in his appointment as head coach in 1997. In his rookie season as a head coach, Bird led the Pacers to a remarkable 58-24 record, earning him the NBA Coach of the Year title. His prowess extended to the front office, where he earned the NBA Executive of the Year award in 2011-2012.

Janet Condra’s Net Worth

While the exact net worth of Janet Condra remains elusive, Larry Bird’s financial success in the basketball realm is well-documented. As of 2023, Bird’s accumulated wealth stands at an estimated $75 million, a testament to his enduring influence in the sport.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Janet Condra’s journey alongside Larry Bird illuminates the highs and lows of their relationship. While details about her life after divorce remain shrouded in mystery, Larry Bird’s multifaceted success in basketball has resulted in significant financial prosperity. The tale of Janet Condra serves as a reminder that even in the shadow of a basketball legend, individual stories are worth exploring, each weaving a unique narrative in the grand tapestry of life.


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