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TRKA Stocktwits: A Complete Analysis of Troika Media Group Inc.

TRKA Stocktwits

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Troika Media Group Inc. (TRKA:NSD) has recently emerged as a subject of interest among investors, particularly on platforms like StockTwits, where traders gather to discuss and analyze stock performances. In this article, we delve into a detailed analysis of TRKA stock, examining various factors such as price movements, market cap, technical indicators, analyst ratings, price targets, and comparisons with peers. Additionally, we explore TRKA stocktwits, the trading volume, insider ownership, institutional holdings, and short interest in TRKA, providing valuable insights for investors navigating the market.

TRKA Stock Price Movements and Market Cap

On June 7, TRKA experienced a notable decline of -10.86%, closing at $2.79, below its previous day’s close. The stock’s 52-week high and low were recorded at $3.75 and $2.38, respectively, illustrating its volatility over the past year. Notably, Troika witnessed a significant -41.45% drop in value over the past month, reflecting the turbulence in its market performance. As of the latest data, the market cap of Troika Media Group Inc. stands at approximately $46.12 million, providing a snapshot of its valuation in the market.

Technical Indicators

Technical indicators play a crucial role in evaluating the potential trajectory of a stock. Short-term indicators currently suggest a 100% sell recommendation for Troika, aligning with the bearish sentiment surrounding the stock. Similarly, both medium and long-term indicators also indicate a 100% sell sentiment for TRKA, further emphasizing the prevailing negative outlook. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) for TRKA stock stands at 33.41, signaling a bearish sentiment among traders. Additionally, the stock is trading -36.34% and -46.24% below its 20-day and 50-day simple moving averages, respectively, indicating a downward trend. TRKA’s average true range (ATR) is measured at 0.66, reflecting the stock’s price volatility, while its beta value of 0 suggests lower volatility compared to the overall market.

TRKA Stock-Analyst Ratings and Price Targets

Analyst ratings and price targets provide valuable insights into market sentiment and expectations regarding a particular stock. Currently, one analyst rates TRKA as a buy, with no hold, overweight, or sell ratings. This consensus suggests an overall positive outlook on the stock, presenting an opportunity for investors seeking growth opportunities. The average 52-week price target for TRKA is $1.50, representing a potential 46.24% increase from the current price, indicating optimism among analysts regarding its future performance.

Comparison with Peers

Comparing TRKA’s performance with its peers offers valuable context for understanding its position in the market landscape. Troika has demonstrated weaker market performance compared to its counterparts, with a -10.86% change in its intraday price in the last session and an -89.06% decline over the past year. In contrast, broader market indices such as the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial showed relatively smaller decreases of -0.38% and 0.27%, respectively, in the last trading session, highlighting TRKA’s underperformance relative to the broader market.

TRKA Stock-Trading Volume and Ownership

Trading volume and ownership structure provide insights into investor sentiment and confidence in a stock. TRKA stock has shown an average trading volume of 1.71 million shares over the past 10 days and 2.72 million shares over the past 3 months, indicating active trading activity. The company has 16.53 million shares outstanding, with 15.60% held by company insiders and 7.00% owned by institutional holders. Short interest in Troika amounted to 2.11% of shares outstanding as of May 14, 2023, indicating a decrease from 0.52 million shares registered on April 13, 2023, suggesting a decline in bearish sentiment among investors.


In conclusion, despite the recent decline in stock price, analysts maintain a buy rating and a median price target of $1.50 for TRKA stock, indicating potential growth opportunities ahead. However, investors should carefully consider the stock’s technical indicators, trading volumes, and comparisons with peers before making investment decisions. TRKA’s market performance and future prospects warrant continued investor attention as the next quarter unfolds. Platforms like StockTwits serve as valuable resources for investors to exchange insights and stay informed about evolving market dynamics, including the trajectory of stocks like TRKA.


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