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Connor Bowman Poisoning: Shocking Details in Olmsted County

Connor Bowman Poisoning

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In a shocking turn of events, new court documents filed in Olmsted County have unveiled disturbing details surrounding the alleged poisoning attempts by Connor Bowman, a former Mayo Clinic doctor, on his wife Betty Bowman. The documents, filed on November 3, paint a sinister picture of a troubled marriage and the lengths one man went to in an attempt to eliminate his spouse.

The Bitter Smoothie Incident

On August 10, just ten days before Betty’s untimely death, she had a friend over who was unwittingly pulled into the drama. Connor had prepared a smoothie for Betty, and upon tasting it, the friend described it as “very bad,” with a peculiar “bitter and salty” flavor that raised immediate concerns. The friend, perplexed by Connor’s sudden culinary endeavors, joked about poisoning, a comment both Betty and her friend dismissed lightly. Little did they know, this incident would become a crucial piece in the unfolding investigation.

Strained Relationships and Polygamous Accusations

The court documents reveal a strained relationship between Connor and Betty. Witnesses and individuals interviewed by investigators disclosed that Betty was contemplating divorce, with the couple already labeled as “polygamists.” Connor had begun seeing another woman, creating emotional ties that fueled Betty’s decision to confront him. She insisted on divorce if he couldn’t sever ties with the new woman.

Hidden Debts and Financial Motives

A dark financial undercurrent emerged in the investigation. Connor allegedly concealed substantial debt from Betty, leading to additional strain in their marriage. Betty, discovering the hidden financial burden through bills arriving in the mail, found herself entangled in a web of deceit. Shockingly, during Betty’s illness, Connor reportedly confided in a friend about receiving $500,000 for her impending demise.

Indifference and Hidden Grief

Further unsettling details come to light as witnesses recall Connor’s demeanor following Betty’s death. Two days after her passing, Connor invited a friend for drinks, displaying an apparent lack of grief or sorrow. This stark contrast to the expected response after losing a spouse raised suspicions among those close to the couple.

Medical Malpractice Allegations

The court documents delve into Connor’s professional life, exposing an alleged incident of medical malpractice. It is reported that Connor over-treated a patient with barbiturate, a drug used for treating seizures and insomnia, resulting in harm to the patient. The incident supposedly underwent investigation by the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice, adding a layer of complexity to Connor’s character.

The Tragic End

Betty Bowman, after falling ill from the suspicious smoothie, sought medical attention on August 16. Unfortunately, her condition worsened, leading to her demise on August 20. Connor Bowman, now facing serious charges, is held on a $2 million conditional bond as the legal proceedings unfold.


The case of Connor Bowman Poisoning is one that unravels a web of deception, betrayal, and potentially fatal intentions. As the legal system investigates the allegations against the former Mayo Clinic doctor, the community grapples with the shocking revelations surrounding a once-respected medical professional turned accused poisoner. The trial ahead will likely shed more light on the dark motives that led to Betty Bowman’s tragic end and the alleged actions of Connor Bowman.


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