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Dr Paul MacKoul MD: Everything You Need to Know

Dr Paul MacKoul MD

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In the realm of women’s health, particularly in addressing gynecological conditions such as fibroids, the name Dr. Paul MacKoul, MD stands out as a beacon of hope and expertise. This article delves into the journey of Celeste Doaks, a former patient, and her enlightening conversation with Dr. Paul MacKoul on the emPower Hour hosted by DeShuna Spencer.

Fibroids and Fertility: Celeste’s Story

Celeste Doaks, an author and professor at Morgan State University, found herself grappling with the challenges of fibroids. Despite knowing about her family history with fibroids, she initially dismissed the symptoms. It was only when she started experiencing unexplained weight gain and persistent pain that she sought the expertise of Dr. Paul MacKoul, MD.

Having gained nearly 15 lbs above her usual weight, Celeste, who maintained a healthy lifestyle, realized the gravity of her condition. Driven by the need for a minimally invasive solution, she explored her options and discovered a hybrid surgical approach that seemed like a miracle. This method, known as laparoscopically assisted abdominal myomectomy (LAAM), offered a swift outpatient surgery with minimal recovery time.

The Miraculous LAAM Procedure

During Celeste’s initial visit, Dr. Paul MacKoul, MD, along with Dr. Natalya Danilyants, instilled confidence in the viability of the LAAM procedure. The surgery, performed in August, was a turning point in Celeste’s journey towards overcoming fibroids. This surgical innovation not only addressed her medical concerns but also allowed her to retain her uterus, a crucial aspect for many women facing similar challenges.

WPFW’s emPower Hour: A Platform for Women’s Health

In an insightful conversation on WPFW’s emPower Hour, Dr. Paul MacKoul, MD, and Celeste Doaks joined host DeShuna Spencer to discuss uterine fibroids. The discussion covered a spectrum of topics, ranging from symptoms and causes to the best treatment options for preserving fertility. This radio segment proved to be a valuable resource for women seeking information about fibroids and the importance of timely intervention.

Fibroids Unveiled: Myths and Facts

Dr. MacKoul addressed common misconceptions surrounding fibroids during the emPower Hour conversation. Contrary to popular belief, the growth of fibroids is directly linked to estrogen produced by ovaries, not external factors like diet. This clarification is pivotal for patients, dispelling myths and empowering them with accurate information about the root causes of fibroids.

Genetic Makeup and Fibroids: A Personalized Approach

The conversation emphasized that the prevalence of fibroids varies based on an individual’s genetic makeup and family history. Whether someone has one or fifty fibroids, understanding their unique genetic predisposition is crucial in tailoring an effective treatment plan. Dr. Paul MacKoul, MD, highlighted the significance of recognizing the hereditary aspect of fibroids to provide patients with personalized and effective care.


Dr. Paul MacKoul, MD, emerges as a trailblazer in the field of gynecological surgery, particularly in the treatment of fibroids. Celeste Doaks’ success story, coupled with the informative dialogue on emPower Hour, underscores the importance of seeking specialized care and understanding the available options for fibroid treatment. As women navigate the challenges posed by gynecological conditions, Dr. MacKoul’s commitment to minimally invasive solutions and patient-centric care stands as a testament to a brighter and healthier future for women’s reproductive health.


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