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Kayden Gaulden: All You Need to Know About His Life

Kayden Gaulden

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In the dynamic world of music, NBA YoungBoy has etched his name on the charts and into the controversies that swirl around him. Amidst the spotlight and headlines, there’s a key figure in his life that deserves attention – his eldest son, Kayden Gaulden. This article unfolds the layers of Kayden’s life, from his complicated family dynamics to his early years and the intriguing tales that surround him.

Mini Biography of Little Kayden Gaulden

Kayden Gaulden, often referred to as NBA YoungBoy’s son, was born on July 4, 2016, in Los Angeles, United States. The three-year-old, following in the footsteps of his famous father, is no stranger to the paparazzi’s attention. Born to NBA YoungBoy and his ex, Nisha, Kayden represents the Afro-American ethnicity, carrying the zodiac sign of Cancer. It’s worth noting that NBA YoungBoy became a father at the age of 16, while Nisha was just 14, adding a layer of complexity to Kayden’s early life.

Kayden’s Complicated Family

The Gaulden family tree is not a straightforward one. Kayden shares his lineage with his grandparents, his father Kantrell, and four half-siblings – Kamron, Taylin, Kamiri, and Kaycey Alexander. The identity of Kayden’s mother, Nisha, has been a subject of debate, fueled by NBA YoungBoy’s active dating life. While speculations abound, Nisha seems to be the likely biological mother, yet clarity remains elusive.

Kayden’s Daddy NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy, born on October 20, 1999, to Sherhonda Gaulden, grew up without divulging details about his father. Raised by a single mother, NBA YoungBoy’s uncle revealed that his father is serving a 55-year prison sentence for a robbery committed when NBA was just eight years old. This early separation from his father has undoubtedly shaped NBA YoungBoy’s journey.

Kayden’s Mother Nisha

The identity of Kayden’s mother, Nisha, adds another layer of intrigue to the Gaulden family saga. While some rumors suggest Nisha as Kayden’s mother, the uncertainty persists. Complicating matters, whispers circulate about Nisha being pregnant with another child of NBA YoungBoy, intensifying the drama surrounding the family.

His Half-Siblings

Kayden is part of a sibling ensemble, including Kamron, Taylin, Kamiri, and Kaycey Alexander, all younger than him. NBA YoungBoy’s dating life unfolds through the lens of parenthood, with different relationships giving rise to a diverse set of siblings. Notably, NBA YoungBoy has embraced the role of a father to Kamron, even though he is not his biological son, exemplifying the complexities of modern family dynamics.

Kayden Gaulden: Career & Net Worth

At just three years and eleven months old as of June 2020, discussing Kayden’s career seems premature. However, his father, NBA YoungBoy, has carved a successful niche as a rapper, singer, and songwriter. With hits like “38 Baby,” “No Smoke,” and “Diamond Teeth Samurai,” NBA YoungBoy boasts a net worth of about $3 million at the age of 20. As Kayden matures, the question of whether he follows in his father’s musical footsteps lingers.

Some FAQs about Kayden Gaulden & His Family

As NBA YoungBoy continues to captivate global audiences, questions about him and his family persist. Here are some frequently asked questions about Kayden Gaulden and his father:

  • How old is Kayden Gaulden? As of June 2020, Kayden is 3 years 11 months old.
  • Who is Kayden Gaulden’s mother? Kayden Gaulden’s mother is NBA’s first girlfriend Nisha.
  • How many kids does NBA YoungBoy have? NBA presently is the father to five kids. However, among those 5, Baby K is not his biological son.
  • Is Kayden alive or dead? Kayden is well and healthy. He is also alive.
  • How old is NBA YoungBoy? He is 20 years old as of June 2020.
  • Is Kantrell DeSean aka NBA YoungBoy married? No, he is still unmarried.


The story of Kayden Gaulden is a narrative woven through the threads of fame, controversy, and the complexities of modern family life. As NBA YoungBoy’s eldest son, Kayden’s journey is just beginning, and the unfolding chapters promise to be as captivating as those of his renowned father.


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