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SGAA: A Complete Guide to South Gwinnett Youth Sports


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Introduction to SGAA

Welcome to the heart of youth sports in Snellville, Georgia – the South Gwinnett Athletic Association (SGAA). Established in July 1966, SGAA is a volunteer-driven organization committed to nurturing the athletic talents of the South Gwinnett youth. With a sprawling multi-sport facility, SGAA caters to various sports disciplines, including Baseball, Softball, Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, Football, and Cheerleading.

The Sports Haven: South Gwinnett Park

Nestled in Snellville, South Gwinnett Park serves as the epicenter of SGAA’s activities. Boasting six baseball and softball fields, a football field/stadium, and the impressive Dual Deck Hockey Arena & Pro Shop, this youth facility provides a dynamic space for budding athletes to hone their skills and build lasting memories.

From Grassroots to County Recognition

SGAA’s journey has been one of dedication and progress. Initially chartered as a non-profit agency, the E.R. Snell/Gene Ford Youth Sports Complex emerged from the collaborative efforts of SGAA’s visionary members over four decades. In July 2007, the facility gained further prominence by becoming a part of the Gwinnett County Parks system, evolving into the renowned South Gwinnett Park.

A $9 Million Revamp: Redefining Excellence

Between June 2015 and March 2017, SGAA underwent a monumental $9 million redevelopment, funded by SPLOST dollars. This transformation aimed at creating a state-of-the-art sports haven for the community. The result? A newly renovated home that opened its doors to the public in early April 2017.

The redevelopment project encompassed a plethora of enhancements, including new concession stands, a vibrant playground, a concrete walking trail, an advanced sewer system, cutting-edge batting cages, a synthetic turf football/soccer field, and top-notch baseball/softball fields. These upgrades have elevated SGAA’s facilities to a level of excellence that befits its commitment to fostering athletic prowess.

Shaping Future Champions

At the core of SGAA’s mission is the proud tradition of training both boys and girls to participate in competitive sports. The SGAA Board of Directors champions the values of fair play, discipline, and teamwork. The youth are not only taught the fundamentals of their respective sports but also the importance of adhering to rules and regulations – the bedrock of SGAA’s success.

Community Involvement: A Pillar of Strength

SGAA places significant emphasis on community involvement. The active participation of local community members in selecting officials and directors underscores the organization’s commitment to transparency and inclusivity. By prioritizing the league’s activities and decisions, SGAA ensures that it remains a true community asset.

Conclusion: SGAA – Where Dreams Take Flight

In conclusion, South Gwinnett Athletic Association stands as a testament to the power of community-driven sports initiatives. From its humble beginnings in 1966 to the recent $9 million makeover, SGAA has evolved into a premier youth sports facility. It not only provides a platform for athletic development but also instills essential values that shape the character of the youth involved. SGAA is not just an association; it’s a community hub where dreams take flight and champions are molded for the future.


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