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Twelvis: A Musical Odyssey Unveiled


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In the vibrant world of live art concerts and performance lectures, one name resonates with eccentricity and musical brilliance – Twelvis. Created by an Australian luminary, this one-man show transcends the boundaries of conventional tribute, offering a unique blend of Elvis Presley’s iconic music, fragments of musicology lectures, and eccentric set pieces. As we embark on this exploration, we’ll uncover the origins, the mesmerizing debut, and the ambitious future plans of Twelvis.

The Maestro Returns: A Journey of Creative Evolution

The driving force behind Twelvis is a multifaceted artist – a songwriter, composer, and performer who recently returned to Melbourne after an illustrious 16-year journey in the UK. Having graced prestigious venues like Sadlers Wells and the Southbank Centre, this creative dynamo’s journey includes leading the Milkshakers, a 1950s rock ‘n’ roll band, and serving as the artist in residence at the Menzies Centre for Australian Studies at Kings College London. Now, the focus is on channeling this wealth of experience into the avant-garde realm of Twelvis.

The Enchanting Debut at Melbourne Fringe

Twelvis made its grand entrance onto the stage at the 2019 Melbourne Fringe, leaving audiences spellbound. Blurring the lines between homage and experimentation, the show goes beyond the conventional tribute to Elvis, exploring the eerie and subversive facets of his musical legacy. With a fusion of Elvis’s songs, snippets of musicology lectures, and unconventional set pieces, Twelvis carved its niche, appealing to pop music enthusiasts, academic minds, and die-hard Elvis fans alike.

A Homecoming Tour: From Melbourne to the World

The return to Melbourne after the debut marked a homecoming not just for the artist but for Twelvis itself. The show, having received acclaim at the Melbourne Fringe, is poised for a tour that spans across Australia and New Zealand. The itinerary includes captivating performances at the Adelaide, Darwin, and Auckland Fringe festivals over the next nine months. This ambitious tour aims to introduce Twelvis to varied audiences, fostering a connection that transcends geographical boundaries.

The Crucial Crossroads of Development

As Twelvis stands at a crucial crossroads, having completed its initial Fringe performances, the focus now shifts to expanding its reach and evolving to the next stage. Funding support becomes instrumental in realizing these aspirations, paving the way for broader audience engagement, further artistic development, and the exploration of uncharted territories within the show.

Collaborative Visionaries: Haydn Green and Claire Best

To amplify the impact and reach of Twelvis, strategic collaborations are on the horizon. Haydn Green, the director of Hear My Eyes, is set to join forces, leveraging his expertise to contribute to audience development and establish a robust online and social media presence for Twelvis. Furthermore, the show aims to collaborate with Claire Best, a distinguished costume designer, to infuse Twelvis with a unique visual identity that complements its musical brilliance.

Fueling the Journey: Your Contribution Matters

The journey of Twelvis requires more than just artistic vision; it needs the support of enthusiasts and patrons. Contributions play a pivotal role in propelling Twelvis to additional performances and facilitating its artistic development. Donations will cover festival registrations, public liability insurance, travel and accommodation expenses, and artist fees. Importantly, funds will enable the commissioning of a bespoke costume designed by Claire Best, adding a layer of individuality to the Twelvis experience.

Conclusion: Join the Twelvis Expedition

Twelvis is more than a show; it’s a musical expedition into uncharted territories. As the show gears up to enchant audiences in new regions and evolve into its next stage, your support becomes the catalyst for this artistic endeavor. Join the his expedition, contribute to its development, and become part of a unique experience that defies conventions, celebrates creativity, and embraces the spirit of artistic expression. Let Twelvis resonate beyond the stage, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of live performances.


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