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Margie Willett: Unveiling Her Life – Everything You Need to Know

Margie Willett

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Margie Willett, a woman of grace and mystery, came into the public eye when she married the renowned American actor, producer, writer, and comedian, Dick Van Dyke. In this article, we delve into Margie’s life, exploring her biography, family background, married life, divorce, the reason for her untimely demise, net worth, and ethnicity.

Who Was Margie Willett

Margie Willett was born in 1927 in Illinois, USA, and followed the Christian religion. Standing at 5 feet 4 inches, she maintained a private life, graduating from a state university. Margie was thrust into the limelight through her marriage to Dick Van Dyke, with whom she shares four children.

Margie Willett Family Background

Before marrying Dick Van Dyke, Margie was just an ordinary American citizen. Her connection to Hollywood began when she wed Dick on February 12, 1948. The couple faced early challenges, including a miscarriage, but eventually, they were blessed with four children – two daughters named Carrie and Stacy, and two sons named Berry and Christian. Margie’s son, Berry Van Dyke, continued the family’s legacy in Hollywood.

Margie Willett’s Married Life

Margie’s marriage to Dick Van Dyke was a remarkable journey that began in 1947 when they first met in her hometown in Illinois. Despite financial hardships, their wedding took place just a month after they started dating, broadcast live on the radio show “Bride and Groom Channel.” Margie and Dick’s early days of marriage were spent in their car due to financial constraints.

Margie Willett Divorce

After 36 years of marriage, Margie and Dick faced a heartbreaking divorce in 1984 due to Dick’s extramarital affair with his general secretary, Michelle Triola. The private nature of their relationship crumbled when Dick admitted to the affair in 1976, leading to their eventual separation.


Margie Willett was an American citizen of white ethnicity, and while she did not have a specific profession, her association with Dick Van Dyke made her a recognizable figure.

Margie’s Net Worth

While Margie’s net worth is challenging to estimate, her ex-husband Dick Van Dyke’s net worth is around $50 million. Margie’s fame and recognition were largely tied to her connection with the Hollywood icon.

Margie Willett Death

In 2007, Margie Willett faced a daunting battle with pancreatic cancer, ultimately succumbing to the illness in 2008 at the age of 81. In an interview, Dick Van Dyke expressed the profound impact of Margie’s death, stating, “I lost a part of myself.”


Margie Willett lived a private and introverted life, thrust into the limelight by her marriage to Dick Van Dyke. Despite the challenges, she shared a fulfilling life with her husband and four children. Her legacy continues through her descendants in the Hollywood spotlight.

FAQs On Margie Willett

1. Who was the husband of Margie?

Dick Van Dyke, a famous American actor, comedian, writer, and producer.

2. When did she die?

Margie Willett passed away in 2008.

3. What was the cause of her death?

Pancreatic cancer, diagnosed in 2007.

4. How old was Margie?

She was 81 years old at the time of her death.

5. Why was she famous?

Margie gained fame through her marriage to Dick Van Dyke, a Hollywood icon.


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