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Schavaria Reeves: Mastermind Behind Film and TV Production

Schavaria Reeves

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Who’s Schavaria Reeves?

Schavaria Reeves, an IMDb Pro Startmaster, producer, and integral member of the sound department, left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. Commencing his career in 1990, Reeves devoted three decades to perfecting the art of production. His remarkable contributions spanned various genres, from head of interns in “New Jack City” and “Strictly Business” to pivotal roles in iconic works like “Law and Order,” “Transformers: Dark of the Moon,” and “Power Book II: Ghost.”

Career Highlights

Reeves’s expertise extended beyond the realm of film, accumulating over twenty music video credits, some featuring collaborations with Jay Z. Renowned for his proficiency in boom operation and sound mixing, he led crews in more than 60 productions.

In a career transition, Reeves sought to make his mark in television, contributing to acclaimed series like “Oblivion,” “Sex and the City,” “SVU,” and “Vinyl.” His latest endeavor involved working on the Netflix series “Inventing Anna,” leading to a prospective collaboration with “New Amsterdam.”

Attainments and Recognition

In May 2022, Reeves achieved a pinnacle in his career, becoming a member of the prestigious Cinema Audio Society (CAS). This honor, posted on his Instagram account, symbolized the industry’s recognition of his unwavering commitment.

Netflix’s “New Amsterdam” paid tribute to Reeves in Season 5, dedicating the season to his memory and presenting a heartfelt card. The series even signed a 20-episode contract with him, acknowledging his immense contributions.

What’s the Cause Behind the Sudden Death of Schavaria Reeves?

The mysterious circumstances surrounding Reeves’s death left many perplexed. His family, peers, and colleagues maintained a silence, fueling curiosity. New Amsterdam, too, refrained from divulging details.

Later revelations disclosed that Reeves battled prostate cancer for eight years, succumbing to the disease at the age of 56. His silent struggle added a poignant layer to his legacy, and he was laid to rest at the Vander May Wayne Colonial Funeral Home in New Jersey.

New Amsterdam Dedicates Season 5 to Schavaria Reeves

The close-knit cast of “New Amsterdam” turned into a family over five seasons. The final season took an emotional turn as the crew bid farewell to one of their own. Episode 4 featured a heartfelt tribute, emphasizing self-care and recognizing the unsung heroes behind the scenes.

The title card, “In the recollection of Schavaria Reeves (1965 to 2022),” served as a poignant reminder of the dedicated individual who contributed immensely to the show’s success.

Family of Schavaria Reeves

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Schavaria Reeves had a family of four. Married to Martha Melendez, he was a loving father to Sky Burton and Kayloni Burton. His brother, Ernest Reeves, and various nieces and nephews completed his extended family. Sadly, his mother, Ollie Reeves, predeceased him in 2021, a year before his own passing.

In conclusion, Schavaria Reeves’s legacy is one of dedication, passion, and excellence in the often-overlooked world of production. His story serves as a testament to the countless individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes to bring entertainment to life.


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